This blog, part of the SSHRC-funded project Rethinking the R’s: Transforming Waste Practices in Early Childhood Education, contributes to the Climate Action Childhood Network.

The blog documents our pedagogical explorations with plastics and food waste with a group of young children in London, Ontario. Tapping into the sensorial and affective possibilities of the arts, we are inviting children to join us in keeping waste ‘in mind and in sight’.  The aim of our research is to investigate new directions for early childhood education that rethink management approaches (reduce, reuse, recycle) and refigure young children’s relationships with waste.

We are drawing on questions from the environmental humanities to reconfigure early childhood education pedagogies, and to develop new insights into how young children might be able to shift waste futures. Read more in Living with Plastics: Toxicity Accumulating.

We are inviting children to attend to waste(ing) by:

  • gathering 
  • paying attention
  • noticing
  • lingering