We are a group of educators, pedagogists and researchers, and members of the Common Worlds Research Collective.  The Common Worlds Research Collective is an interdisciplinary network concerned with our relations with the more-than-human world.

Veronica Pacini-Ketchabaw

A Professor of Early Childhood Education in the Faculty of Education at Western University in Ontario, Canada.  She is the principal investigator of the SSHRC Insight Grant Transforming Waste Pedagogies in Early Childhood Education, and directs the SSHRC Partnership Development Grant  Exploring Climate Change Pedagogies with Children. Her writing and research contributes to Common World Childhoods Research Collective (tracing children’s relations with places, materials, and other species), and the Early Childhood Pedagogies Collaboratory (experimenting with the contours, conditions, and complexities of 21st century pedagogies).

Kelly-Ann MacAlpine

A PhD candidate in Curriculum Studies at Western University.  With particular attention to early childhood environmental education, she is curious about post-humanist perspectives that shift ontological and epistemological conversations about child-nature relations in environmentally precarious times. Her current research focuses on storying the peculiar child-plastic relations that emerge in everyday encounters, and what it might mean for children to live in a plastic world.